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A short poem about the rabbits of Watership down a favorite book of mine.

The town slumbers on as the silver fades away
The celestial lord rises from his slumber
Painting the sky, chasing away the dull silver for glittering gold
His powerful ray pierce the windows shatter sleep and dispel the sandman
He dances in the children’s eyes and comforts the soldiers
He rouses the farmers and hides the stars away in a blanket of blue
The cold is banished the light is warmth is life
As the children rise to play and dance the farmer tends to his crop
The animals too awake predators hide the light burning their eyes
The rabbit are awake blissful and nimble as the Elil retreat
El-ahrairah the rabbit prince watches over his people
Cunning full of tricks, runner, listener.
As the Black Rabbit of Inlé calls to the old and the sick
All the while Lord Frith watches over them strong and silent.