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This poem is about what personal growth reveals:


I read some wise words today, that made me sit up and take heed;
I realised with a blinding flash, I’d neglected a person in need.
Somehow and someplace in time, I decided that they weren’t deserving;
That they could go on unassisted and their well-being was not worth preserving.

I had thought from a long time ago, that they didn’t quite have what it takes;
To turn heads or to catch the attention and they made way too many mistakes.

There were times I reviled and despised them; they didn’t live up to ideals;
I turned my attention to others and followed along on their heels.

And now I feel very ashamed, to think that I treated them so;
I saw them with eyes that were blinded and I’m sad that I just didn’t know.

I followed a shallow perception and kept my true thoughts under guard;
I believed that the yardstick was utter perfection but I see now it’s all a façade.

I treated all others with kindness but for one I had only disdain;
I said nothing but bad things about them and shamed them again and again.

When some complimented, I criticised; when others encouraged, I ignored;
When I should have been proud of all they’d achieved, I didn’t give credit or reward.

But it’s time now for all that to change, to recognise all that they’ve done;
To make peace and to finally accept them, as a friend and a fortunate one.

So I’m hoping they’re holding no grudges, there’s a lot to forgive and forget;
But there’s much we can still do together and life is too short for regret.

Today marks a brand new beginning and I’m finally able to see;
That the one I’ve so sadly neglected and who needs my acceptance, is me.

Robyn Charlesworth